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The Christian Heritage of Kosovo and Metohija

The Christian Heritage of Kosovo and Metohija

"This book on Serbia's Christian Heritage in Kosovo and Metohija, its heartland in medieval times and through Ottoman domination, is intended to introduce to a wide reading public the oldest and richest treasury of Serbian medieval history and culture..."

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St Nicholas the Wonderworker

Icons | Mounted Icons

Title: St Nicholas the Wonderworker

Category: Icons
Group: Mounted Icons

ID: 002-MI-43

Price: USD 15.00

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Product Info:
Appox. Size: 5.5 in x 7.5 in

Product descritpion:
Over the door blessing with inscription in Serbian cyrillic; Prayer by St Nikolai Velimirovich: Bless, o Lord, those who enter this house, save and protect them who go out from it, and grant peace to those who stay within.

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