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The Christian Heritage of Kosovo and Metohija

The Christian Heritage of Kosovo and Metohija

"This book on Serbia's Christian Heritage in Kosovo and Metohija, its heartland in medieval times and through Ottoman domination, is intended to introduce to a wide reading public the oldest and richest treasury of Serbian medieval history and culture..."

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The Forgotten Medicine: The Mystery of Repentance

Books | Spirituality

Title: The Forgotten Medicine: The Mystery of Repentance

Category: Books
Group: Spirituality

ID: 001-S-14

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Product Info:
Paperback: 72 pages Publisher: Saint Herman Press (April 1994) Language: English

Product descritpion:
Every Christian feels a natural yearning of the heart towards God, a true desire to taste the sweetness of communion, of being with Him as He created us to be; but the impurity of our hearts--full of passions, conflicts, and fears--bars the way. Yet there is a cure for the weight of sin which burdens the heart and soul of each one of us and afflicts the conscience, keeping us from that longed-for inner peace and from peace with our neighbors and loved ones. That cure is the Mystery of Repentance. Archimandrite Seraphim in The Forgotten Medicine details the reasons many have for not coming to Confession, and for each of these he clearly brings forth the truth of the matter. For those who feel awkward because of not knowing how to approach Confession, he explains in depth how to prepare before, what to do when we are with the confessor, and what to do afterwards. He then writes of the wondrous changes in the lives of those who enter into the Mystery of Repentance, illustrating with several true accounts.

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